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ross & rebecca of many fold farm

One of my favorite shoots from last year… Ross and Rebecca hired me to take family portraits on their farm, Many Fold Farm, last Fall. They are farmers whose lambs are born and raised there, where they have eaten nothing but mother’s milk and fresh green grass (fertilized by chickens, not chemicals) their whole lives. Their story of  their journey is incredible; to have been able to spend a day with them doing the chores, meeting their dogs (or guardians, really, who live among the sheep and protect the livestock) and witnessesing their love of farming was such a gift. I hope to go back in a few months to photograph their cheese-making process, which in itself is an art form. Currently, it is lambing season, and just last week six baby lambs were born. You should visit if you get the chance.

Carla Royal - Oh, Ali! These are fantastic! I smiled all the way through and even teared up a couple of times. Thank you for posting them. You, my dear, are a talented and soulful photographer.

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Abby - Great Capture! Where did she purchase her dress?

Mary Lou Olsen - Thank you for upgrading my memories of this beautiful family and their wonderful and hard-work adventures on their farm.

Nancy Wilson - Read abt. the farm in October 2013, Better Homes and Gardens.

I enjoy cheese very much, especially stinky cheese like Beerkause.

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