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A spring palette

With only a week away, the nervous excitement has been building and building… but it’s also paired with a little melancholy… this whole process of creating a ‘wedding’ with dear friends and family will be coming to a close and I simply have had such a blessed and amazing journey. I haven’t shared much visually, mainly wanting to keep things to myself – my own little craft project – but I feel the overwhelming need to document my past 6+ months of ‘doing’ and creating as of late.

Perhaps we should start where I started?

It all began, just all as my design projects begin, with a mood board and a color palette. It’s been fun now to see if we were really true to it (yes and no, thankfully). And it’s always been funny when people ask me, “What are your wedding colors?”, and I really can’t find the right words, wishing I could just show them this board instead. It’s so much easier for me to speak visually.colorboard

At the wholesaler…


… Mom, Dawn, Courtney and I picked out the flowers for the wedding. This is just a sample “bunch” (and I’m certainly not the best at arrangements, Courtney will be the mastermind of that later). We ordered some peonies too, but they weren’t “sprung” yet. They will, however, be ready, gorgeous and softly opening 4 weeks from now. Yup, just 4 short weeks…

A (pura) snow fall.


Pura Vida (who just recently changed their name to Dahlonega Day Spa) looks pretty amazing covered in a thick blanket of snow. These were shot over Valentine’s Day weekend, when Matt and I went up there for a quick get-away to solidify some wedding plans. The snow and ice shut down some of the wineries there — a lot of the staff got stuck and couldn’t make it to work — but it made for a beautiful, quiet weekend for us. And Miss Ellie got to frolic about at top speeds, one of her most favorite things to do.

garcina cambogia - We all went to a Western country.