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manyfold farm: lambing & cheesemaking

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At the beginning of the year I had the opportunity to spend some time with Ross and Rebecca of ManyFold Farm documenting their cheese-making process — a true combination of pure science and heartfelt craft. Because it was the start of the year it also meant it was lambing season, and I was fortunate enough to witness a day old lamb being expertly guarded by their sheepdog (who absolutely loves his job). There is so much effort that goes into making one small round of cheese — I was amazed by all the calculated steps — but there is also so much art (for example, every single piece is salted by hand). And truly there is nothing more beautiful than knowing where your food comes from, how it is made, and the choices as to why it was made that way.

Jen O. - Beautifully captured. Oh my, the day old lamb and sheepdog – so sweet!

Gwen - Just where is it your located? Thanks.

Christine - What a beautiful series! I’ve shared them with my Cheese Photography 101 students. You really capture it :) The one with the milk test and bright blue wire holder is awesome.

Kinfolk: dandelion greens and pepper omelet


Photos from the recipe series I had the pleasure of shooting for Kinfolk MagazineDandelion Greens and Pepper Omelet. To see more photos from the shoot and the full how-to, view the recipe here. Impeccably styled by Ginny Branch, delicious and beautiful organic eggs provided by Manyfold Farm.

Cindy - Beautiful. I love the freshness. Is this shot on film or digital?

Ali - Hi Cindy! All film with the exception of the last tabletop image.

Jade Sheldon-Burnsed - You are just so freakin’ inspiring…

CAMP: A Photography & Styling Workshop at Serenbe

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I am thrilled to be part of an inspiring collaborative called CAMP… together we are holding an incredible selection of classes and workshops this summer (with more to come in the Fall and next year, so stay tuned!) aimed to inspire and nurture the talents of designers, artists, photographers, stylists, creatives and makers. Ginny Branch and I are holding a Photography and Styling Workshop right here at Serenbe just a few weeks away, and actually only have 3 spots left to fill. If you find yourself interested, do check out our site for more information, or feel free to drop me a line directly. We’d certainly love to have you, and think this will be a great collaborative environment for you to take your work – whether as a stylist or photographer – to the next level. Register here to reserve your spot.

kinfolk: how to make homemade yogurt

Photos from the recipe series I had the pleasure of shooting for Kinfolk Magazine: How to Make Homemade Yogurt. See the full recipe and article here. Exquisitely and thoughtfully styled by prop stylist Ginny Branch and impeccable food stylist Katelyn Hardwick.

Haley Sheffield - Absolutely love this series. The styling is beautiful in every respect, and you captured it so elegantly.

CAMP Summer Supper

A few images from our incredibly styled CAMP Summer Supper held a few weeks ago at Sun in My Belly.

I am always impressed with how Amy and Ginny can create seemingly effortless vignettes – so thoughtfully and delicately styled. Then to pair it with exquisite lettering, details and branding by Erica, the work is perfectly on brand. If you haven’t heard of CAMP, check it out now – I am thrilled to be part of this creative effort of stylists, artists, photographers, designers, and makers. I actually have developed a Summer Styling Workshop with Ginny that is just three weeks away, held right here at Serenbe; there’s still room to sign up, and I’ll post more on that this week… stay tuned!


Jade Sheldon-Burnsed - Oh my… so much beauty. You captured it perfectly. Gosh, I so wish I could have been there…