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quiz: guess how many kids are in this picture?


Answer = 3, my mother included.

moo - oh my gosh – I love your mom.

ninny - I just saw this photo-missy! I love it-will be making a print for my class at school-they will love it too. Your caption is fantastic-I love grandkids cause they let me be the kid I never got to be growing up. Thanks for featuring me. love, mom

{ courtney & olive } — just because

My dear friend Courtney and I got together a little while ago to do a “Just Because” photoshoot for her and Miss Olive. I love these kind of shoots… they are so personal and sweet. Courtney has achieved an amazing goal and decided it was time to mark that in her calendar — giving her the opportunity to not only revel in the fact that she accomplished something indeed incredible but also to give her some time to reflect on who she has become, and who she is today. (We should all take the time to do that for ourselves, don’t you think?)


We spent some time in her beautifully manicured garden, full of tropicals and unique varieties of plants I’ve never seen (she has the greenest thumb on earth and gardening is her passion), a little bit of time in the gorgeous palette of her home and then took Miss Olive for a short walk to the park.


Stay tuned for those — they may be my favorites!

L.C.T. - Lovely as always.



I certainly hope that you have followed me on this wild ride. Not sure of where everything is leading just yet, but it sure is exciting, don’t you think? I know, I will miss Flibberty as well, so I’ve placed an archive link (over on the right side of the page) so you can visit it if so desired. That said, here are some things to look forward to on the new & improved blog:

- “from the archives fridays”
- inspired photo finds
- behind the scenes shoots
- more “personal” work

Oh, and much bigger photos!

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L.C.T. - Figured I may as well leave a welcome message here too! :)